Why Wall Covering Is Getting More And More Popula

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Wall covering also known as wall cloth, originated from the middle of the century, in Sweden and wealthy businessmen first used. Many styles for cashmere wall covering, gold-plated leather wall covering, silk velvet wall covering and so on. But because the price is expensive, so only in the aristocracy and the wealthy representative of the Upper society popular. Now, wall covering into more and more families, office buildings, *** and so on. So the wall covering more and more popular, then, why wall covering more and more popular. Today's decorative materials, seamless wall covering is the most environmentally friendly material varieties, the top of the form Form Top From the quality, now the decorative materials, seamless wall covering is the most environmentally friendly material varieties. Not only in the use of the process of human body harm, and from raw materials to finished production process will not pollute the environment. In terms of aesthetics, the top of the form From the visual effect, wall covering color, pattern variety style, no matter what the room is the layout, what decoration style, in what place to use the corresponding style collocation. It is therefore increasingly popular. Form Top From the price point of view, wall covering prices can also meet different levels of life of the crowd, and it is durable in use.

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