What Is The Difference Between A Wall Coat And A Diatom Mud?

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Wood fiber, pulp and all kinds of natural fibers in line with national standards, is a new type of environmentally-friendly materials. Diatom Clay, the origin of Changbai Mountain, Environmental performance Do not contain any harmful chemical substances, heavy metals, such as formaldehyde, toluene and other additives, do not release free formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful organic volatile substances (VOC), the top environmental protection. Environmentally friendly diatom mud itself has no pollution, 0 VOC Construction Construction is extremely simple, as long as the amount of water, stir in the wall roll evenly, a molding, repair convenience in two times decoration. Complex construction, easy to start program, need professional construction, not easy to maintain, construction equipment more Product quality Strong adhesion, non-toxic, non-polluting, without any joints, fundamentally solved the wall cracks, shedding problems. Quality, industry confusion, the quality is uneven; must choose the big brand. Low price of all the participating Putty powder Cleanliness of Wall clothing surface adopts anti-static treatment, not easy to stain ash, long time with duster dust to dust can. If there is serious fouling when the preparation of replenishment can be. Dirt difficult to remove, will leave scratch, watermark, pattern breakage and other adverse consequences, can not seriously fouling clean repair. Restorative Nail paintings on the wall, wall damage and so on as long as a bit of preparation can be repaired, no patch traces. Can be repaired, not easy to maintain, high cost of labor Service life Non-wall, man-made damage, quality assurance lasting as new. Non-wall, man-made damage, quality assurance lasting as new. Moisture resistance The "breathing" characteristic of heat insulation can automatically regulate the relative stability of indoor air humidity, not fading, not peeling, not peeling. It is not easy to damp, with the same breath of wall clothing, easy to drop fine soil. Fireproof Performance Fire resistance is very good, in line with the use of a variety of public places. High fire resistance, meet the use of various public places. Pattern Selection All kinds of texture, texture, the effect of comprehensive application, according to the needs of owners can be arbitrarily matched. All kinds of texture, texture, the effect of comprehensive application, according to the needs of owners can be arbitrarily matched. Refractive effect Natural fibers produce different refractive effects in light. No refractive effect. Price Including construction costs, equivalent to mid-range wallpaper price, not because of the area of waste. Brand good price high, brand bottom quality is not guaranteed, the price is above the upper level! Cost of inputs The wall clothing invests less, the normal 3.1 million/year can engage in a storefront Diatom mud Construction Requirements High, joining the threshold high, cost input is also high, normal 20.3 million/year

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