The Selection Method Of Non-woven Wallpaper

- Apr 21, 2017 -

You can see if the wallpaper surface of the flower color uniformity, the pattern is the wallpaper visible. The real environmental wallpaper smells very small, some can even say no, the quality of this wallpaper is generally good, safety and environmental protection. And some inferior wallpaper, there is a very pungent smell, such wallpaper will be cheaper in time and do not buy, because it is very serious damage. This point for the first time to buy the wallpaper consumer is also good to distinguish, and this is also the choice of non-woven wallpaper, the most important link, soft and delicate wallpaper, indicating the density of high, the contrary hard rough wallpaper, its density will be relatively low, and jitter is prone to impairment. By rubbing to detect wallpaper quality, no matter whether the surface of the wallpaper is smooth or textured, good quality non-woven wallpaper can be easily wiped clean, and the poor quality of non-woven wallpaper is difficult to wipe the pollutants clean. You can drop a few drops of water on the surface of the wallpaper sample, static for a period of time, and then observe the back, if the permeability of the back is not strong, the waterproof effect is good, conversely, waterproof effect is not good.

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