The New Darling Of Home

- Apr 21, 2017 -

To ensure healthy life, people strive to make their lives more organic, when we want to pursue organic life and eat organic rice, eat organic vegetables, eat organic fruits, drink organic tea, do we think of our living room to create organic home? So, when we strive to create organic home environment and the pursuit of organic flooring, organic furniture, then do we think how to make the bedroom wall also become organic? The wall is the largest part of the room, almost three times times the ground, so it is our daily life in the field of contact with the most, the most influential room style and even feelings of the part. Decorative wall Roller In the interior wall or paste the role of the interior wall decoration material is to protect and beautify the interior walls, so as to beautify the room environment, create room atmosphere. Throughout the current market mainstream interior wall decoration materials have latex paints, wallpaper, liquid wallpaper, wall clothing, so what kind of material in the end is more consistent with the need to build organic bedroom? The organic household emphasizes that the natural factor extends to the whole bedroom space and achieves the harmony and unification between man and nature. The role of interior wall decoration materials and the meaning of organic household: a decorative material in the interior wall without losing its basic role, the more natural factors, the more consistent with the requirements to build organic home. Early wall clothing is introduced into the domestic market in the Western developed countries, the initial price because of the import products too high, resulting in wall clothing became a high-end consumer goods, ordinary households difficult to find. With the emergence of domestic wall clothing, prices also greatly reduced, wall clothing become any ordinary family can afford to use the new interior decoration material. At present, the domestic market wall clothing brands are many, quality is also uneven, according to reporters to visit the wall clothing industry manufacturers know that the current domestic wall clothing to the silk special wall for the first line of the brand's product quality has reached the level of imports, but its price is much lower than the import products, extremely cost-effective, worthy of everyone's trust and choice.

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