The Method Of Dealing With Wallpaper FAQ

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Foaming Wallpaper foaming is a common problem, mainly in pasting the wallpaper when the adhesive is not evenly caused by the late wall of the surface shrinkage of the walls and the grassroots separation of moisture too much, thereby appearing some built-in bubbles. In fact, the solution is very simple, as long as the general needle will be the wallpaper surface bubble puncture, the gas release, and then use the needle to extract the appropriate amount of adhesive injected into the pinhole, and finally the wallpaper will be pressed flat, dry. Moldy Wallpaper moldy generally occurs in rainy season and damp weather, mainly the wall moisture too high. For moldy condition is not too serious wallpaper solution as follows: With a white towel dipped in the appropriate water to wipe, or then use soapy water to wipe. The best way to go to the wallpaper shop to buy special mildew agent. Warp Edge Wall wallpaper is likely to be the grassroots treatment is not clean, adhesive bonding too low or the envelope of the paper side of the wall of the wallpaper is less than 2mm and so on reasons, the solution: with the sticker wallpaper powder. Damage Wallpaper is not resistant to blunt objects, if found small surface damage, can use approximate color pigments or paint remedy. There are printing stains at the seams In the paste wallpaper, the glue is not completely expelled, stacked at the seams, time for a long time glue and wallpaper react. Solution: 60-80 degrees boiling water bottle, plus a bottle of white vinegar, such as water-cooled down, rinse at the seams. (recommended local test), the wallpaper is finally in 1-2-6 months effect will be better, you can remove 80% traces.

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