The Color Of The Wallpaper Is Always Pure

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Pure color: When we choose the wall paint, in the color of the wall paint, it will inevitably appear tiny chromatic aberration, brush to the walls of the tone often with their original assumption is not entirely consistent. and the color of the wallpaper is always pure, because the wallpaper from purchase to paste to the wall will not change color, do not worry about colored poor. Health and environmental protection: latex paint mainly by water, substrate (emulsion), pigments and fillers, auxiliaries four components. Many of the ingredients have long been exposed to the air after the harmful chemical substances, and latex paint will release formaldehyde gas. And the wallpaper is generally composed of three parts, paper base and ink is two parts, the other part depends on the classification of wallpaper material. From the composition, the impact of the wallpaper on the human body is far below the latex paint. (The wallpaper has three kinds of harmful substances, namely, formaldehyde, heavy metals, vinyl chloride monomer, can still endanger human health.) ) Long service life: Use of advanced production technology wallpaper, the material is better, the service life will be longer. Construction speed, clean: paint the wall is difficult to leave some stain, and it is difficult to clear, but paste wallpaper, if the glue fluid inadvertently spill over to the baseboard or window borders, generally we use a damp cloth or sponge can quickly clean. Style rich: Choose your favorite wallpaper, create any desired effect. Price space is big: price can meet different levels of needs.

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