The Characteristics Of Seamless Wall Cloth

- Apr 21, 2017 -

The characteristics of seamless wall cloth 1, seamless paste, three-dimensional sense of strong, decorative effect rendering , waterproof, oil protection, antifouling, dustproof, anti-static and other functions. 2, environmental protection tasteless. 3, seamless paste can avoid the edge, warping, cracking and other problems. 4, breathable good, moistureproof mildew. 5, if the sticker is not good, can be posted repeatedly. When pasting in use the door and window need to cut, has a certain loss. Cost less expensive than wallpaper Compared with the ordinary wall covering, seamless wall covering can be seamless stitching, convenient and fast, compared with the wallpaper, seamless wall covering style rich, colorful, distinctive texture, soft texture, sound breathable, easy to burst, mounted simple, easily replaced with water cleaning and so on, and has the advantages of flame-retardant, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, anti-bacterial, mildew, waterproof, oil, antifouling, dustproof, anti-static and other functions. Therefore, seamless wall covering in many occasions is called multi-functional seamless wall covering. 1. Seamless stitching. Second, environmental protection tasteless. Third, do not care. Fourth, the wall wear resistance. Fifth, mildew and antifouling. 6. Flame Retardant insulation. 7. Color stability. 8. Rich color Sample.

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