Security Window Films

- Oct 24, 2017 -


Upon repeated impacts to the same area, films can begin to tear due to the edges of the broken glass fragments penetrating the thickness of the film. This means that, in general, although films can help greatly by reducing glass hazards upon initial impact, with repeated impacts they may not continue to perform as well. Thicker films and films made from multiple layers (laminated films) perform better, in general, in situations where there will be repeated impacts to the glass, even after breakage has occurred. Just because a product may be able to pass the Dade County small missile impact requirements, it does not mean the product can get Dade County Product Approval, as it may not be able to withstand the repeated impact cycling part of the approval process. As of the summer of 2005, the window film industry trade associations are not aware of any window film product which can meet the large missile impact test. Any claim by the seller of a product should alert the consumer to ask for a copy of the actual written approval for the specific product in question.

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