PVC Self-adhesive Wallpaper Advantage 2

- Sep 22, 2017 -

PVC self-adhesive wallpaper advantages:

Short cycle of the way

Selection of paint or paint decoration, the wall at least three or five times repeated construction, each time interval, that is, a week's time. In addition, paint and paint contains a lot of organic solvents, inhalation of the body may have an impact on human health, so stay before the need to maintain indoor ventilation for more than 10 days. In this way, from decoration to completion, at least half a month. And the choice of wallpaper decoration, a set of three bedroom and one bedroom housing, by the professional wallpaper construction staff posted wallpaper, only three people can be completed, did not affect your normal life. Not long ago, who lives in Shanghai Jingan New Town, Mr. Liu, because the recent travel abroad, the temporary decision March 18 marriage. At that time, Mr. Liu is the most worry about the new room has not yet renovated, and only 10 days away from the wedding time. For this designer recommended to him the use of wallpaper, the results only two days to complete the wallpaper posted, which also makes Mr. Liu's wedding was successfully held. This example illustrates the reuse of wallpaper decoration room, commissioned by the wallpaper sales unit for the design, sale, construction of one-stop service, will make the cumbersome renovation steps become very simple and easy.

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