New Trend About The PVC Self-adhesive Wallpaper

- Sep 06, 2017 -

PVC self-adhesive wallpaper is good,i think everybody knows that well. PVC self-adhesive wallpaper is currently the most widely used wallpaper varieties, it has a variety of colors, rich patterns, affordable, dirt, scrub resistance and other major advantages, so right now,the PVC self-adhesive wallpaper still good or not?the quality is good or bad?Let me introduce to everyone.

PVC self-adhesive wallpaper characteristics

1: Material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC plastic, smooth surface. Features: variety, color is very rich, beautiful patterns, moisture, mildew, sound-absorbing strong, easy to condensation, paste convenient, durable, and can be used to clean water, home decoration is the most widely used wallpaper. Disadvantages: not high temperature, do not close to high temperature fire.

2: wallpaper itself with glue, paste convenient, hand yourself can be posted, without professional construction.

3: the purchase of flexible, according to volume pricing, how much to buy how much, determined not to waste.

4: lower prices. The general wall paint price per square in 11-20 yuan or so, our self-adhesive wallpaper per square only 5-6 yuan, while saving the cost of construction workers. There is no need to worry about the high cost of replacement. Want to change for!

5: wide range of uses, in the wall transformation, the old furniture renovation, gift packaging are playing an important role.

6: applicable to the scope of self-adhesive wallpaper, including latex paint can not fall gray surface of the wall (except for concrete walls, the specific circumstances can consult our customer service), smooth furniture surface, glass, etc.

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