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- Apr 20, 2017 -

The most fatal drawback of the ordinary glass used in building doors and windows is fragile brittle, and bulletproof glass and toughened glass also have their own shortcomings, although the two kinds of glass to the feeling is very safe, but the glass explosion of the disadvantage is that no one can solve, even the glass manufacturers themselves cannot solve the problem. How to adopt a more convenient, practical and effective method to solve the building glass doors and windows energy-saving insulation and improve its safety? Universal Multi-function Glass Film is a new type of energy-saving building materials, can effectively control solar thermal radiation and increase the strength of glass high-tech energy-saving products. Universal Glass Film is the use of special polyester film as substrate, magnetron sputtering methods, plating on a variety of metal oxide coatings, and a special process of composite laminate made of a transparent and high-insulation functional glass foil. It can transform the cheap ordinary flat-plate transparent glass into a variety of color, a variety of functions of safety insulation glass. Also can be affixed to the curtain wall glass colored or colorless transparent safety film, so that coated glass coating layer is not easy oxidation fade off, increase its resistance to wind pressure and resistance to acid-alkali erosion.

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