Automotive Film Maintenance Considerations

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Car film is finished, the following is how you maintain the problem, careful and patience to play a lasting effect and effect: 1, do not use nails or sharp objects to the edge of the membrane to avoid the dirt into; 2, if the bubble will be in 24 hours to the professional car beauty maintenance shop to handle; 3, after installation, 3-5 days not to shake down the window, to prevent the edge of the film. 4, do not paste the label directly onto the membrane; 5, in the car standing a high adsorption of ultra-fine fiber cloth wipe for daily wipe. 6, after the installation of one months, not on the window hanging sucker-type dolls and other objects; 7, after the film, membrane and glass between the clouds like water mist, do not worry, 2-3 weeks it will naturally dry out of disappear; 8, the film can be cleaned 2-3 weeks after the use of lint-free cloth and other soft items stained with a wash water wipe test, attention do not clip into the sand grains or sharp particles, lest scratches the surface of the film, but also can not use amino fluid to wash; 9, when the film, should pay attention to local CITA policy and regulations, the front window whether to leave the Triangle area. Beijing stipulates that the transmittance of more than 70%% can be reached. It is embarrassing to avoid a car test. 10, body color film after pasting, such as not the original car colors, need to go to the car department to make a colour application to take photographs, otherwise the vehicle inspection, the same not to be inspected.

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