Wallpaper Daily Maintenance and cleaning

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Before the construction: paving wallpaper, wall cloth should choose the air relative humidity below 85%, the temperature should not change drastically, must avoid in damp season and on the damp wall construction. To be beautiful and durable wallpaper paving, not easy to blister warpage, the construction of the front wall processing is very important. The walls of the wall should be flat and dry, without dirt. Before paving the wallpaper, we recommend that it be best to paint a layer of polyester on the wall for moisture proof. Construction: Paste wallpaper, wall cloth overflow adhesive liquid, should be cleaned with a clean towel, especially the seam at the seams to handle the glue. Require the construction personnel to keep the hands and tools of a high degree of cleanliness, such as stained with stains, should be promptly cleaned with soap water or detergent. After construction: Paving, the daytime should open doors and windows, maintain ventilation; at night to close the doors and windows to prevent moisture entry, but also to prevent just posted on the wall of the wallpaper by the wind blowing loose, thus affecting the adhesion of the firm. Periodically to the wallpaper, wall cloth dust cleaning, pay attention to the vacuum suction head. Daily discovery of special dirty traces to be cleaned in time, water-resistant wallpaper can be scrubbed, washed with dry towel dry can; for non-resistant wall cloth to use rubber, such as wipe, or with a towel dipped in some cleaning liquid after drying light rub.

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