The operation method of non-woven wallpapers

- Apr 21, 2017 -

1. To the old wall surface first to the wall of the original gray layer of empty drum, peeling, holes and other mortar to repair shop, remove the floating pine lacquer surface or slurry surface and wall sand grains, convex and so on, and the seams, cracks, concave and other rubber greasy sub-1 ~ 2 repair shop, then filled with scraping putty once again, sanded flat. 2. The wooden base requires tight stitching, not exposed needles. Seam, needle application putty paving, and full brush greasy son once again, and then sanded flat (2) Brushing grass-roots processing materials: grassroots treatment and to dry, the surface of the grass-roots processing of Xu material, demanding thin and uniform, reducing the cause of uneven paper glue phenomenon. (3) Wall line vertical: Plant paste Wallpaper, the paper must be vertical, in order to make patterns, patterns, consistent and horizontal coherence. Non-woven wallpaper Non-woven wallpaper 1. In the construction, after the grass-roots coatings are dried, vertical lines are zoned for standard. 2. Take the line position from the shade of the wall, to less than wallpaper 1~2cm advisable. 3. When the paper, should be regularly proofread and adjusted to ensure that the vertical sheet.

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