The effect of automotive film

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Reduce heat loss Winter, can effectively reduce the internal heat loss, high-quality insulation explosion-proof membrane can reduce thermal loss of about 34%%. Filter Strong light Can effectively filter the sunlight harsh strong light and night two cars meet dazzling light, enhance comfort and security. Barrier UV Ultraviolet rays are the main factors that cause skin burns, skin cancer and auto dashboard, seats and textile fading metamorphism in the sunlight spectrum. Protection of personal safety After the glass accidentally broken, the insulation explosion-proof membrane can glue the broken glass to the same place, prevent the glass spatter wounding, enhance the prevention ability of accidents, storms and other disasters. Barrier Heat Professional insulation explosion-proof membrane can barrier the sun heat 50-85, significantly reduce the car temperature, improve the car comfort. Enhanced Anti-Theft The special structure of the insulating explosion-proof membrane and the ultra strong adhesion force can greatly enhance the strength of glass. Improving the impact resistance of glass, delaying the time of thieves, experiments show that when the high-quality automotive explosion-proof film, the time to crush a piece of glass from a few seconds to a few 10 seconds. According to police statistics, 10 seconds of time is enough to let criminals panic, quit. Privacy Many owners have a high demand for privacy. Special Automotive Insulation Film has a good one-way perspective function, the diaphragm through repeated physical reflection on the outer surface of the film formed a certain proportion of the exterior reflective degree, from outside the car will produce visual reflection, so it is not easy to see the inside of the people and goods, to form a certain privacy.

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