Static beauty implies infinite vitality

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Now home decoration living room to be no longer just gorgeous metope, front of the background wall decoration also gradually tends to have artistic taste decoration, large frame paintings, hand-painted silk wallpaper, and masters of paintings hanging or installed on the background wall, famous paintings have a very high artistic and appreciation value, but very people can have, hand-painted wallpaper into the high-end decorative market, hand-painted murals reveal the details of the elegant fashion, static beauty contains infinite vitality, for the home added more artistic flavor. It has exquisite meticulous, ink freehand brushwork, simple pattern, retro landscape flowers, and so on, retro-style murals in the Chinese traditional style as the theme, designers in nostalgia embodies the house owner's distinctive interests and cultural self-cultivation. The calligraphy, painting, and so on into the home soft outfit, let home form a rich traditional artistic flavor.

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