Non-woven wallpaper purchase essentials

- Apr 21, 2017 -

First, we want to know the non-woven wallpaper of practical and aesthetic roots, it is necessary to know the material. Non-woven wallpaper, the use of pure natural plant fibers made of, so it is the most basic characteristics of natural and environmental protection. Consumers to Yu Tianran, environmentally friendly products are very sensitive, and non-woven wallpaper also just have these two points directly affect the physical and mental health of consumers is an important link, so this is why non-woven wallpaper prices are high still many people buy the most important reason. Second, because the non-woven wallpaper is processed by plant fiber and the wallpaper, so it is very good permeability, it is called "will breathe Wallpaper". Natural plant fibers will have a lot of the interior of the porous pores, and pure plant fibers in the pore out of the breath, is the most natural and fresh, so, this is the consumer feel that the non-woven wallpaper after the living room becomes more fresh, brighter reasons. For other types of wallpapers, many are not breathable.

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