No pollution in convenient construction

- Apr 21, 2017 -

(1), no harmful volatile chemical constituents, environmentally friendly performance The choice of wood fibers and natural fibers and the production of scientific technology, eliminating harmful chemicals, fully guarantee the health and safety of human body. (2), not cracking, not shedding The fibrous tissue has the scalability and breathability function, so that it is seamless with the walls. (3), personality color, three-dimensional relief arbitrary selection The traditional coating plane effect, embossed texture, soft affinity. (iv) and convenient construction without pollution Method is simple, a molding, no wall polishing, effectively avoiding dust, noise and spill. (v), easy patching For the soiled wall clothes shovel off, with the new material in the shovel off part of the roller coated, can be with the original wall clothing, no cohesion gaps, no repair Traces。 (6), updating and convenient As long as the original wall is clean, flat, the bottom is white, with good waterproof, it can directly carry on the construction of wall clothing, without any special Processing can update the decoration. (vii), plant characteristics breathing, regulating indoor humidity and temperature The unique permeability of fibrous tissue makes the wall clothing have breathing function, timely balance absorb moisture in the air, automatically regulate humidity, cold and not knot Dew。 (eight), naturally effective sound absorption Dry wall clothing, concave and convex uneven relief three-dimensional surface, conducive to sound diffuse, weakening the sound of the wall outside the penetration, limiting sound reflection, no return Sound, for people to provide a more tranquil living and working space.

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