Higher purity of environmental protection

- Apr 21, 2017 -

As the steps of life accelerate, we are deeply poisoned by chemical products every day. Usually, when we get the sticker products, we will open the packaging and smell the pungent smell. Professional speaking, the decision to smell tasteless is the solvent of pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive glue is coated by solvent dissolved on the surface, the glue solvent will gradually evaporate over time, we smell the smell is volatile in the pressure sensitive adhesive solvent odor. So, the biggest environmental problem that we attach to the interior wall is reflected in this solvent. Environmental protection to extract the higher the purity of the solvent, the less flavor, when we put the wall stickers and the bottom of the paper separated, to glue noodles to smell, as long as there is a pungent odor, that must not be used in the indoor environmentally friendly solvents. If you buy a pungent wall sticker, try not to use the inner loop of the air-conditioner and open the window.

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