Environmental protection is more important than the surface

- Apr 21, 2017 -

All kinds of wall cloth, whether from the color, or style, is a dazzling array. In the face of a wide variety of wall covering, many "pretend friends" are "judging by appearances", style as the preferred element. In fact, the wall cloth is good or bad in its material. Consumers should consider environmental protection as the most important factor, and the material directly decides the environmental protection of wall covering. At present, the marketing wall covering mainly include PVC synthetic wall cloth, plain paper wall cloth, diatomite wall cloth, wood fiber wall cloth, natural fabric wall cloth, including more PVC products. PVC wall covering has a variety of colorful, scrub resistance, anti-aging, not easy to fade and other advantages, and the price is moderate, in the market is more popular. However, PVC wall covering easy to roll edges, produce bubbles and mildew. Pure paper wall cloth due to its material mainly by grass, bark and natural reinforcement of wood pulp processing, so high environmental performance. In addition, the use of diatomite wall cloth at home also has a strong effect, because of the surface of the diatomite wall cloth has a fine hole, can absorb some harmful substances and peculiar smell in the bedroom.

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