Construction method of non-woven wallpaper

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Non-woven wallpaper posting method is similar to wallpaper, requiring wallpaper glue. Wallpaper glue, base film, scraping paper, wallpaper knife and other related accessories in the local building materials market easy to buy. Generally posted wallpaper workers will paste, the hour fee is not expensive, according to the local market each has a different, generally per square meter 5~35 yuan unequal, if you have strong hands-on ability, posted wallpaper can also try to experience DIY fun. Requirements for walls: ★ The Wall is flat, smooth, clean and dry; it is recommended that moisture-proof treatment be made to replace and avoid polluting the walls later. ★ Choose glue paste + Wall powder (local building materials market is sold), the specific adjustment method please refer to the description. ★ Non-woven wallpaper without wet water, as long as the wall glue evenly painted on the wall, then the wall can be.

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