can prevent oxidation discoloration, long life

- Apr 21, 2017 -

1, anti-wear layer: composed of wear-resisting polyurethane, hardness up to 4 H; 2, color pet safe base: By high-intensity, high-transparent pet polyester and pigment melt extrusion two-way stretch, because the pigment clip in pet film, can prevent oxidation discoloration, life span of up to 8 years; 3, Metal insulation layer: In the pet film through vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering metal aluminum, silver, nickel and other infrared high reflectivity nano-metal layer; 4, composite adhesive: A good weather-resistant high-transparent polyurethane adhesive composition; 5, UV absorption layer: By the special UV absorbent composition, can be blocked 99% of ultraviolet; 6, transparent pet safety base: by high-strength, high-transparent pet polyester film, the purpose is to clamp the metal layer in the middle, to prevent metal oxidation, prolong the life of metal film; 7, the installation of adhesives: A good weatherability by high-transparent acrylic adhesive composition; 8, high-transparent pet-free film. 2. 3 Working principle 2. 3. 1 Glass Window Film insulation working principle There are three types of heat conduction: radiation, conduction, convection. Heat insulation film is mainly used in radiation and convection in the form of heat insulation, the main prevention is the solar radiation heat. Sunlight is made up of light waves (electromagnetic waves) in each band, and the solar energy is the electromagnetic wave itself, through the atmospheric filtration, these energies in different bands of light waves in the form of reaching the Earth's surface, these energies are converted into radiation in the form of heat, the higher the energy, the greater the heat transformed into.

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