Can make a person's spirit more pleasant, mood cheerful, unrestrained

- Apr 21, 2017 -

Wall Furniture serves as a foil, the color is too rich and dignified, then does not have the background effect, so the color rich wallpaper only appropriate small area of use (TV wall, sofa background wall or restaurant side of the wall), while the living room or restaurant plays the main background role of the wallpaper or choose light tone is better. If the outdoors is green, light scattering into the room, with pale purplish, pale yellow, shallow powder decorative metope, such as warm colors will create a sunny atmosphere; if outdoor is a large red brick or other red, metope should be light yellow, brown color and so on the main, can give a person a smooth feeling. Living room, dining room is people gathering, recreation, eating place, bright and bright colors to the emotion of the activation of people, with this type of wallpaper, can make a person's spirit more pleasant, cheerful, unrestrained. Bedroom needs to give a warm feeling, make people relaxed, emotional stability, even with a point of hypnotic effect, low brightness, darker color wallpaper is more suitable. Of course, if you really like the bright colors of the wallpaper, when you wake up like the lively bedroom, sleeping when you like the quiet bedroom, how to do? Then add a thick one-point curtain bar, a pull one open, immediately change the room tone. Secondary bedroom if mainly by the elderly living should choose some more quiet and calm color wallpaper, but also according to the preferences of the elderly with some pigment flowers. While the study as a need for people to think space, it is advisable to choose the brightness of low or cold colors to make people concentrate on thinking, or calm and impetuous mood. Children's House wallpaper, the general choice of color crisp wallpaper, can also adorn the waist line with cartoon, or with the upper with cartoon pattern, lower element or plain wallpaper, create a happy and tidy effect. Cold-tone wallpaper is easy to concentrate on the spirit, suitable for use in the study.

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